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1.      Molecular Mechanisms involved in Cx43 internalization and degradation

a.      Ubiquitin-dependent and -independent pathways

b.      Crosstalk between autophagy and endocytosis

c.      Non-canonical functions of Cx43 in autophagy

2.      Signals for protein degradation by CMA

a.      Ubiquitin-dependent degradation of HIF-1A

3.      Deregulation of Cx43 and HIF-1A degradation in heart diseases

a.      Ischemia

b.      Ventricular hypertrophy


4.      Protein degradation and vascular dysfunction

a.      Flow-induced changes in endothelial cells autophagy

5.      Exosomes

a.      Selection of cargo

b.      Exosome-cell interaction and  cargo release

c.      Therapeutic vehicle


6.      Deregulation of exosome-mediated communication in health and disease